To new beginnings

There are times in life when you know you’ve been walking in the right direction, but somehow took a wrong turn along the way. This is exactly what happened to me when I created ‘’. This website (and Instagram-account) was my first step into the world of writing and publishing stories on a website and through social media and since it’s ‘birth’ in March 2018 I’ve learned a lot. Not only in the social media and writing department, but also about myself. I realised I was pursuing somebody else’s dreams and was unknowingly copying others. I thought I was discussing topics in a unique and personal way and by doing so being different from other (food) bloggers, but the truth is, I wasn’t unique at all. I was just another kid on the blog taking pictures of food and posting some recipes. Don’t get me wrong, I was into it, but I probably wasn’t  as much into it as some of my favorite food bloggers.

Writing about something because you like it or because you feel others might like it sounds all right, but it doesn’t thrill yourself and others in a way that writing about what you love would. So if it’s not food, then what is it that I truly love?

This is a very hard question to answer, for there are a few things I truly love. There are several re-occurring themes in my life that I feel really passionate about and I can’t seem to shake off, even if I wanted to. They are the things my mind wanders to when I’m staring at a computer screen at work. They are the things I love to talk about when I’m with others and the things I identify myself with. To me they are traveling, music, teaching, staying fit, enjoying food and writing.

Though it would probably have been easier and definitely more accessible to have one ‘key subject’ to write about, I guess I’m just stuck with several and somehow have to make it work. The subjects are all equally important to me and so I’ve decided to find a way to combine them all.

So NAMASTE YOUR WAY will be a platform on which I’ll be sharing about my journey to becoming a yoga teacher and the adventures of traveling the world with my mat in my backpack. I’ll share about the books I read, the potentially weird stuff I ecounter and all that’s in between. I strive to visit as many yogastudio’s, retreats and other places to do yoga as possible and I eventually hope to able to teach yoga at these very same locations. Along my way I hope to meet many inspiring people to learn from and find a way to do some good. Though I am at the very beginning of a probably life long journey, I feel like things have started to come together and I hope I’ll be able to share my many stories, findings and adventures with as many people as possible.

Though there will be a lot of talk about yoga on this website, I also hope it serves as an inspiration for the ‘multi inspired’ and ‘seekers’ amongst you, for in essence that is what I am. But at this point in my life I just decided to take the plunge, go all into something I feel passionate about, combine the things I love and see where it takes me. If I fail, you’ll be the first to find out about it, but if I succeed, let me be an inspiration to you.

Welcome to Namaste your way!