Nusa Lembongan – it’s an island life for me!

Perfect diving, again amazing food, beautiful sunsets and my first acquaintance with Yin Yoga and Manta’s. Definitely more about that later in the blog, but first, let me tell you a little more about the island.

About Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island south of Bali. Getting there is very easy by boat from Sanur (Bali), which will take you about an hour. There are many companies and departure times to pick from and their prices are pretty much the same. Nusa Lembongan is connected to the even smaller island of Nusa Ceningan and is very close to the bigger island of Nusa Penida. You can easily go round both Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan (connected via a yellow bridge) within a couple of hours by motorbike and the views you come across during your trip are astonishing.

Nusa Ceningan, Blue Lagoon

Though we’ve spent most of our time on Nusa Lembongan, we did stumble upon this very cool restaurant/bar at a cliff on Nusa Ceningan, called Mahana Point. Just pick a spot right on the edge, almost above the water, and wait for it.Wait for what? Well, a big wave that hits the rocks so hard that you (and your food) end up wet. Very wet. We thought we’d be fine, because what restaurant puts chairs and tables on a spot where there’s a very high risk of getting wet right? But of course that was an error of judgement on our part and we got our lunch served with a big wave of salty sea water. Compliments of the house. Still, I would definitely recommend paying this place a visit, because the view is worth those wet pants.   

Mahana Point (surf bar), Nusa Ceningan

On Nusa Lembongang itself are also many great places to eat and have a drink, varying from local to western food. Along the beach are some cool beach bars and one of my favorites is definitely Blue Corner, on the north-west side of the island. Picture beanbags on the beach with little parasols above them, a cold Bintang in your hand, a plate of great food within reach and a sun that is about to set. Doesn’t get any better than that right? Apart from its sunsets, Blue Corner is also known for its diving, but more about that later.

View from Blue Corner

Another place I’ve visited more than once for both lunch and dinner is Warung Putu. This restaurant is located on the south side of the island, close to the yellow bridge that connects Nusa Lembongan with Nusa Ceningan. Warung Putu’s not a fancy restaurant, but it offers a very nice view over the bay and serves great local food. The staff (it’s a family run business) is also very nice. Whether you come for a drink, lunch or dinner, this place is definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately I only have the somewhat limited picture below of Warung Putu since we were only there this year by night, but you’ll just have to trust me on that view. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Warung Putu


Apart from relaxing on the beach, enjoying the (local) food and sunsets, Nusa Lembongang also offers some pretty amazing diving. Like last year, we did two dives with Blue Corner diving. Though there are many diving schools on the island that I’m sure are equally good, this is the one we dived with last year and had a nice experience with. It’s also the one that was closest to our accommodation. This year was extra special though, because we’ve encountered Manta rays at Manta Point, south of Nusa Penida. It took us quite some time to get there and because of rough seas we weren’t sure whether we could actually get into the water, but in the end we did and were rewarded by these very special animals. Though they are relatively common at Manta Point, seeing them is not guaranteed and especially not so close by.

One of the Manta rays we’ve encountered at Manta Point

I believe we payed 1.850.000 Rupiah for the whole trip, which included getting there, equipment, the instructor, lunch and two dives. The groups are very small (we were only four) and the instructor was kind and made us feel very comfortable and secure. So if you have the time and can spare the money, I recommend you treat yourself to this amazing experience!

Yoga on Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan was our final stop on Bali, so we really wanted to recharge before having to leave this tropical paradise behind and returning to our day to day life. And so we did. We booked ourselves a six day all-yoga-inclusive deal at Serenity Yoga Lembongan. Of course we’d seen some pictures online, but nothing could have prepared us for the oasis of calm and beauty that would be ours for the next couple of days.

Serenity Yoga offers three yoga classes of different yoga styles per day and a single class costs 120.000 Rupiah. Apart from several package deals (3-class, 5-class and 10-class passes) you can also buy a unlimited weekly or monthly pass. In our case, the unlimited weekly pass (800.000 Rupiah) was part of the package-deal that we booked.

The teachers at Serenity are amazing and very skilled. We’ve practiced with Caroline and Margot, who both made us feel safe, comfortable and very welcome. They allow all levels to their classes and give each and every student the personal attention they deserve. The beautiful wooden, semi-open shala allows you to enjoy the nature (noises) around you during the class and makes each practice feel special. Since Yin-Yoga is a big part of Serenity, they have many props to choose from that are clean and even smell of an essential oil of some sort. Personally I can really appreciate such details. Also, most classes start with picking an intention-stone from a box, to help set an intention for your class. Another nice touch in my opinion.

Me during Aerial Yoga

Apart from Yin Yoga, Serenity also offers Morning Flow, Sunset Flow, Power Yoga, Mandala Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Pranayama classes and workshops (we did a Mandala-yoga workshop, which was very interesting). Each class is taught with equal attention and skill and allows you to connect more and more with yourself and your practice.

The accommodation Serenity works with (and is physically connected to), Puri Kirana, was a bit disappointing. Rooms are small, old, with no decoration of any kind and most importantly not clean. For this reason I would recommend renting a place close to Serenity instead. At least until the accommodation is updated. I wouldn’t have had a problem with the room if the room rate was (much) lower, but since we payed more than 400 dollars for six nights, I’d just expected the room to be just as nice and welcoming as the yoga. The pool of Puri Kirana however is amazing, and so are the lounge beds.

All in all I would definitely recommend Serenity Yoga. I will definitely come back to this place, for the atmosphere in and around the shala (thank you Hanny!) have yet to be matched. For more information about Serenity Yoga, click here to visit their website.

Since this is my last blog of 2018 I would also like to use this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog(s) and I hope that you’ll continue reading them in 2019 as well. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and hope you get to spend it with those you love most. May you be each others light during this special time of year.