International Day of Yoga Amsterdam 2019

So, this happened. On behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Defense, together with my colleagues, I actually got to teach a yoga workshop on Dam Square in the heart of Amsterdam last Sunday. The city of Amsterdam celebrated its fifth International Day of Yoga on the 16th of June 2019 and we were invited to give a workshop to show people that the Dutch armed forces support yoga as well. It was a great privilege and by far the most exciting thing I’ve ever done, so I do like to share a little something about it with you.

As some of you might know by now, I’m in the military as a lawyer and teach yoga within the armed forces. The Dutch Ministry of Defense has acknowledged the benefits of yoga, decided to make it available to its personnel and have people like me trained in Vinyasa yoga so we can offer it to the people in our units. Strengthening them both mentally and physically.

Before it all started last Sunday I was super nervous, but as soon as I got on stage with my colleagues, all that tension was gone and I got to enjoy every minute of it. It felt amazing to be up there, sharing my passion with all those people, backed up by my fellow yoga teachers. We were there as a team, sharing our love for yoga and it simply was the best feeling ever! I feel very lucky to be part of the team and to be able to combine being a lawyer and yoga teacher in one uniform.

To get an idea of what it was like, watch the video below. It contains the workshop given by my colleague and me and lasts about 28 minutes.

For the video of the whole day, including all workshops, performances and the opening and closing ceremony, watch the video below.

Full video of the International Day of Yoga Amsterdam 2019

Sharing these videos feels like a very big deal to me, because I involves showing even more of the person I am. But since I am proud of what my colleagues and I have done and of the whole event itself, I want to. I hope you’ll enjoy watching the video(s) and as always, if you have any comments or thoughts you want to share, don’t hesitate to contact me.

With love and a lot of appreciation for and gratitude to the organisation of the International Day of Yoga Amsterdam 2019,