Stuck at home because of the Corona virus? I’ve got just the thing for you: ‘Yoga School dropout’ by Lucy Edge

This book was a gift that I hadn’t touched for a while before I read it. I think I finished it about a year ago, but I still return to it every now and then. When we talk about ‘yoga books’ they’re usually not the lightest of reads. Most of the time their either very spiritual or very technical. But not this one!

The author of the book is the story’s main character, Lucy. After a long period of working and drinking and not really getting any closer to a happy life, she decides to go to India to “find herself a guru, strip away the ego and merge her Eternal self with cosmic bliss. She’d return a Yoga Goddess – a magnetic babe attracting strong and sweaty, yet emotionally vulnerable men with her pretzel-like body and compassionate grace”.

The story is compelling, addictive and it’s written with a lot of humor and lightness. It’s very accessible and probably most of us -yoga enthusiasts- can relate to the things Lucy is struggling with. But it’s not necessarily only for people who are into yoga, it might very well be a good book to read for yoga enthusiast’s families, friends and colleagues, who simply want to know a bit more about what actually is going on in a lot of yogi’s minds.

On her journey through India, Lucy encounters many different types of people on a journey to deepen their yoga practice, find whatever it is they’re looking for or to reconnect with themselves. She writes about them en her encounters with them in a respectful yet hilarious way. Lucy does a great job in describing these characters and really makes them come to life.

Travel guide and personal story in one

For those of us who are considering a trip to India in order to do dive deeper into their practice, this book is also very helpful. It’s like a travel guide and personal story in one. If you’ve ever wondered what life is like a shala in India, this book will definitely give you an idea.

In the back of the book Lucy also provides the reader with the addresses and contact details of the places (shala’s, restaurants, hotels etc.) she’s visited during her travels in India. That way it’s very easy to find these places yourself and have your own experience of them.

All in all, this is the perfect book to read for yoga enthusiasts (and their families, friends and colleagues) who want something yoga related, yet moving and funny. The book might be just the thing you need if you’re stuck at home because of the Corona virus.

In any case, I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful read just as much as I did and I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

With love,