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In my blogs I’ll write about anything yoga related that I find interesting. It can be any topic; a book, an event, a pose, something that surprised me, something that upset me, anything!

Poem- At life’s end

There is this one certainty, this one thing we all know. That is when you arrive here, one day you must go. On that day what was solid, shatters apart, except for this one thing, the force of the heart. The force of the heart is uncontrollable and extends beyond time. Beyoned matter and comprehension,…

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Here’s to the teacher in me!

It being the beginning of May already, I suddenly realised that I’ve officialy been teaching for a year. A year. I can’t believe it has already been that long. It feels like yesterday that I was repeating my exam sequence over and over again. That I was stressing out about the correct order of the…

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