About yogajantine

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve adjusted this particular part of my website. I created my first blog about 1,5 years ago and since then, its name, topics and focus have changed a couple of times. I wanted my blog to reflect me, but since I was still discovering who that ‘me’ really was, this blog was almost under constant construction.

But here I am with yogajantine.com. I now have a much better understanding of what it is that makes me happy and what it is that I am about. I finally feel confident enough to put it out there; I am Jantine and I love yoga!

I love studying and practicing asana, I love learning about yoga philosophy, I love being part of this movement that inspires people all over the world to listen to themselves, to check in with themselves. I love traveling and practicing yoga everywhere I go. And since I completed my 200 hr vinyasa yoga teacher training in April 2019, I also love teaching yoga. Better yet, I finally feel like I’ve found something that really belongs to me and it feels amazing! 

At this point I almost have a full year of experience in teaching vinyasa yoga and I really feel like I have grown both as a student and a teacher. I have also studied 50 hours of hatha yoga, have developed an interest in yin yoga, organised a one-day yoga retreat at the beach with yoga friends (whom I met during a yoga retreat in Italy) and now I think it is time to actually call myself a yoga teacher. Of course as teacher you’re always a student as well and the more I teach, the more I feel I have yet to learn, but you have to start somewhere right?

So I will use this website to share my passion for and experiences with yoga, both as a teacher and as a student. I want to take you along my journey in the (wide) world of yoga and inspire you to find or keep yoga as a life long companion.

I hope you will enjoy the content of this website and I would love to hear from you!